Stephen King’s Stranger Love Songs by Butcher Billy

“Butcher Billy takes what is considered pop culture from a variety of sources – music, comics, movies, games etc – and mashes them all together to come up with something that draws on nostalgia, while, at the same time, provides the audience with a fresh take on a familiar scene. He’s not even going to apologize. It’s that sort of rule-breaking, devil may care, chaotic attitude that inspires Billy’s art.”

What more can I say!? Butcher Billy is awesome?! You probably already know that. And if you don’t I advise you to go in here and take a look around. You never know what’s going to be featured in so many good websites, blogs and such. The guy is amazing, all his work is awesome and funny. We love his style and illustrations and to top it off the guy is Brazilian. Talks Portuguese. What more could you ask.

This is a series where as he puts it:

“(…) imagines an alternate universe in which some of the most hopeless, desperate and tragic heartbreak songs of the 70’s and 80’s were actually novels written by Stephen King.”

Well I leave you to it.

Take care people. And have fun.


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