Hyper-Realistic Drawings by Arinze Stanley

I had a teacher in my Design course which did really cool hyper-realistic oil paintings. That’s where hyper-realism became known to me. Ever since few artists surprised me.

Until mister Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley came along. He creates incredibly realistic large-scale portraits using graphite and charcoal pencils on paper. The effect the charcoal has in these drawings is amazing. The depth get’s me everytime. The most notorious thing is not only they are amazing drawings the subject is super dramatic or charged with emotion. Which gives even more interest to the artwork.

More from him here.


“Spending upwards of 200 hours on an artwork, Stanley agonizes over the most minute details of each piece to painstakingly capture reflections of light, droplets of sweat, or tangles of hair.

Where some hyperrealistic artists lean towards idealized perfection, Stanley instead focuses on pure realism, infusing portraits with a raw sense of emotion and drama. The scale of each piece, always slightly larger than life, adds an uncanny three-dimensional aspect.”




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