Aerial South Africa by Zack Seckler

Photography is one of my preferred arts. But in the theme of photography, I have a favorite kind. Conceptual. But I like to be surprised. And Zack Seckler did it.

Zack Seckler is a “born in Boston in 1980 and lives in the suburbs of New York City” photographer. Is quote is:

“I’m inspired by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

And what a great job he has done. These series are called Aerial South Africa and are a set of aerial landscape photographies portraying not only the ambiance of South Africa but also the animals and variety and sceneries.

They are surprising because taking the aerial view is not usual in landscape photography and is quite hard to get a shot this good. Some of them look like fine art and let me tell you. Some of them would really go well in my living room.


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