Blindness Light by Javier Martin

Lately, I’ve been working with light and projections and video mapping so I might be a little biased.

Conceptual art is always a matter of “You get it or you don’t get it.”. But don’t you, sometimes, get to know the concept and wish you didn’t so the “magic wonder” stayed the same?! Well none the less this post is about one of those.

“Blindness Light” is a fantastic series of neon light installations by Spanish multidisciplinary artist Javier Martin, combining neon tubes and model portraits.

The series aims to “explore contemporary standards of beauty by appropriating their iconography to undermine their apparent perfection”.

“In the 20th century, the platonic concept of beauty as something that reflects the intrinsic, true nature of things was sidelined by the fashion, cosmetics and advertising industries based on outwards appearance and sexual attractiveness. Martin attempts to deconstruct this superficial perception of beauty by appropriating the very images that promote it. Inspired by the advertising campaigns of beautiful women one encounters on city streets, and in particular the juxtaposition between their stylized perfection and the surrounding urban grittiness, he reproduces them only to degrade their perceived perfection and question their inherent worth.”


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