A Job to Love by The School of Life

Hey people.

“How you doin’?”

(please be kind enough and read the line above in Joey Tribbiani’s voice)
(if you don’t know who Joey Tribbiani is you have a looooong series to watch)

A post about a book in here is long overdue. It’s been a while since I talked about books. I haven’t bought any books at all since the last post. I know Shame on Me. And no my list is not smaller.I consider helping my kids understand

Today’s book is about education. And not the boring one. The cool one that Ken Robinson would want us to have. I love The Element. One of my favorite books. But today we are going to talk about A Job To Love.

You have to understand yourself first to really know what you want to do with your life. And most of us search for a job we wold love to do every day and get up in the morning and be anxious to get back to it. Thanks to the newest book by School of Life you now have a resource: A Job To Love is designed to help us better understand ourselves and locate a job that is right for us.

I don’t really believe someone is truly happy doing the same thing for many years but if you are in an area you like you can always change it up a bit.

Anyway, you should check it out. It’s not that expensive and is always a nice reading.



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