Decades-Worth of Print Magazine Covers

We love prints. Come on. Our love for printing, letterpress, silkscreens, etc. etc. is splashed all over this place.

Printed stuff is not dead. Nor is books, or magazines, journals, BD, and everything else. Printed stuff has another level orf importance than just a file on a tablet. Or images on a screen. The aesthetics, the feeling, the texture, smell… It adds new and important meanings to the piece.

Today we are gonna talk about PRINT Magazine. I am very sad to say that I don’t even have one. They are extremely difficult to find in Portugal and everytime I ask a friend to bring me one from a trip or something they all go: “Really?! A magazine? I can bring you anything from the USA and you want a magazine?!”.And then for some

And then for some reason I don’t know they never find one. So I am jealous of anyone who has one.

But anyway… PRINT Magazine turned 75 in 2015 and that’s something to celebrate (I know we are a little overdue). But it’s never too late. Print Mag just released all the covers for the annual RDA in America and we loved it.

For starts, it’s a great inspiration source and seconds you get to see a little of the evolution in design, trends and the magazine itself over the years,. From creepy and crazy stuff to beautifully design covers. There is a bit for everyone.

Design: Andrew P. Kner. Photos: Harold Whitely.
Bill Purdom
David Wilcox
Rafal Oblinski
Design: Andrew P. Kner. Model: Suzanne Couture. Photo: Karen Leeds.
Bill Nelson
Design: Rick Eiber, Andrew P. Kner. Photo: Ben Kerns.
Design: Andrew P. Kner. Illustration: Shelley Daniels. Photo: Galante / Marzelli.
Design: Andrew P. Kner. Photo: Nick Rosza.
Design: Scott Menchin. Photo: William Duke.
McRay Magleby
Design: Peter Good. Photo: Jim Coon.
Kit Hinrichs
Carin Goldberg
Charles Waller
Sam Kuo
Chris Ware
Michael Ian Kaye
Design and illustration: Steven Brower
Design: Steven Brower
Art Direction and design: Steven Brower. Photography: Richie Fahey. Hair/makeup: Maria Cristina. Models: CJ Lashuk, Greg Jackson.
Design by Steven Brower
Design by Stephanie Skirvin
Abbott Miller/Pentagram
Photography: Michael Schmelling.
Nicholas Blechman
Photography: Henry Hargreaves.
Photography: Brenden Beecy.
Jason Polan
Debbie Millman
Sean Adams
Marian Bantjes



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