Thomas Romain Redraws Sons’ Character Designs

If there is something we celebrate in this blog that something is creativity. And skill. And awesomeness. And Design. And cures. And medicine. And… Oh well, you get the point.

What could be more entertaining than making the vision of your child of a character into the real awesome thing?! Kids have a truly pure imagination. Something with no boundaries or wall blocking them. They thing in what they want and the express it. Usually, we take no attention to their mumblings, but mister Thomas Romain, not only he listened to their kids he also tried to uplift their work.

Artist Thomas Romain doesn’t just work on anime projects, he also uses his artistic skills to spend quality time with his two sons. Both boys enjoy creating their own fantastical characters, from steampunk doctors to gun-wielding cyborgs. Romain then takes his kids’ character designs and redraws them in what he dubbed “Father and Sons Design Workshop.”

All credits should go to the boys. They imagined this. All they lacked was the skill (which the father has and probably the boys will have someday).

Check out the results below.

More info: Twitter



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