Product Design: The Grid Game

I am a freak about board games. I think they have a mysticism and a vintage feel. A tangible and tactile aspect you don’t get anymore because everything now is digital. They make you gather around a table with somebody else, a real person, in the flesh, interact with them, discuss, play, talk… you feel me?!

Anyway, I would like to share this product design by Estudio Victor Alemán about a simple but fun game for your events and parties. The starter edition starts with 50 tiles and can be played with 5 players. You should definitely check out their Kickstarter Project.

Currently live on Kickstarter, the Grid Game, a colorful board game that creates beautiful patterns as you play it. Based on the rules of the Dominoes, it is a mix between a puzzle and a strategy game. The objective is simple, play your tiles before everyone else, do it strategically to prevent your friends from using their tiles, for this to happen you can use your black tiles and lock parts of the game.


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