p98a – Letterpress Workshop

Today we’re gonna talk about something very close to my heart.

Since the beginning of this blog, and you can see what I am about to say in the “about me” section, I said I love paper. I DO. I LOVE IT. I love working with it. The possibilities, the textures, the smell, the process of making it, everything.

So as a normal person, I LOVE everything related to paper. Especially mechanical processes with it. Silk screen, letterpress, typography, you know. My big dream is working in a print shop or letterpress workshop ’till I grow old.

I would be a happy man for the rest of my life.

So you guessed by now what this post is all about.

I found a lovely letterpress shop with the best introduction I could expect AND with an awesome look.

“p98a is an experimental letterpress workshop in Berlin Tiergarten, dedicated to letters, printing and paper.We are a group of multi-disciplined designers, exploring how letterpress can be redefined in the 21st century through printing,  research, collecting, publishing and making things.”

The  p98a is my dream company. I am very pleased to share with you this awesome project and I highly advise you to follow them everywhere. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. They always post great photos and works.

And I will now let you be with the new ones they took to their studio.


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