Super Shadows by Jason Ratliff

Who doesn’t love super heroes?! Come on its part of so many childhoods. It’s impossible to ask someone and he doesn’t have a favorite.

I agreed that it’s kinda turning me off seeing so many heroes coming to the big screen. I am bored and frustrated everytime a new Captain America or something like that is launched. It kills my childhood a bit everytime.

But today we are going to feature a special treat. A treat that I would like to give to my child someday.

American artist Jason Ratliff explores children’s imagination in his “Super Shadows” series of illustrations. He recently released the illustrations as die-cut artworks, printed onto aluminum and precision cut to a custom shape.

Check ’em out.

“Taking advantage of this innovative medium, Jason Ratliff wants to bring children hope, empowerment, and the idea that the impossible is possible. Possibilities are endless, just like a child’s imagination.”


You can get your die-cut print here.


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