Street Art by Nychos

Portugal have really great street artists. I mean Odeith, Add Fuel, Vhills, Aka Corleone, Wasted Rita, Filipe Pantonio and Bordalo II are just a few of the great street artists we have. And even more that now Lisbon as been acknowledged as the capital of the world in street art.

But today we are going to seen works from none other than Nychos, a street artist who paints large murals of bisected animals and humans, large works that allow you to take a peek inside their anatomical structure. These works include extremely detailed bone and vein structures, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex he painted in Oakland, California late last year. Most recently he has been on a tour through Australia where he has made stops in both Sydney and Melbourne to put up works.

You can see more of his public and canvas-based paintings on his Instagram and Facebook. You know what to do. Follow follow follow.



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