Creative Photography & Art Direction by LM Chabot

“Instead of gazing at each other all day round, LM Chabot fix their two pair of eyes on the world that surrounds them, observing the smallest details, the tinniest cracks, the slightest leaks; uncovering peculiarities, exposing the oddities of life. Through their lenses, the duo – who works mainly with medium and large format film cameras – cast a critical yet sensitive gaze on the environment and society, through fashion, architectural photo report and coverage. They search for that hair in the soup, the parsley stuck in your teeth, the hemline coming unstitched. They wrap it up in a perfect mise-en-scène, a gift to be contemplated.”

What a fun start. Today we are going to check out the brilliant imagery by Canadian creative duo Jolianne L’Allier Matteau and Alexandre Chabot, aka LM Chabot.

Tt’s fun to see how when partnership in with another artist you enhance both capabilities and elevate one another. You kinda go further and higher. What greater example than S@W. Well… LM Chabot are there with them.


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