Pixelated Wood Sculptures by Hsu Tung Han

Isn’t it mind bending when digital aspects blend in with real, tangible, daily objects?! Something to do with our conscience. We separate or digital worlds very clearly from our real world. But then comes along a Taiwanese artist, Hsu Tung Han who manipulates pieces of wood to create fantastic figurative sculptures that blend digital and analog elements and well… get your mind bent away…

We had a series by another artist when rugs were distorted by “common digital procedures” in photoshop but in real life. But like the internet says:

“You think you are good at something… Somewhere in the world, there is a Chinese better than you.”

I don’t mean to diminish the great work of Faig Ahmed, they are different concepts really but, Hsu Tung Han took it up a notch. And even if you don’t know Taiwanese I advise you to look into that link and discover the making of and behind the scenes of these amazing sculptures. You will get blown away.

“The highlight of Han’s work are the ‘pixelations’ that appear throughout each figure. Using positive and negative space to great effect, the wood blocks either push or pull. This gives his figures a dynamism that seems to set them in motion.”


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