Electric Ink by Robot Food

Let’s talk packaging. Shall we?!

With the rise in the popularity of tattoos (I, for sure, am one contributing to it. I have none but intend to cover myself in ink. Someday.) and the lack of credible long-term care products, Leeds-based design studio Robot Food formulated, branded and packaged Electric Ink, a tattoo care range for the mainstream market.

Working with Tom Gilmour, an illustrator who specializes in hand-drawn black and white illustration, tattoo imagery and flash sheets, Robot Food created packaging that draws distinctive and strong initial impact from the familiar and universal visual language of tattooing and follows this with plenty of detail up close.

For me, they nailed it. The logo is simple yet appealing, not “tattoo-ish” in itself but remembering it’s origins. The shine is on the packaging. Covering the outside packaging in tattoos is a bold move, one that could diminish in some way the quality of the product. Or make it look more “cheap”. But in here you get the “High quality” and “Pricy” feedback. Putting the product container in plain white assures that firmly.

Damn, I should buy it after I covered myself in tattoos. Someday…

The range includes a serum that enhances color, an oil that delivers a freshly-inked look, and a daily moisturizer. Each feature distinctive packaging that draws on and honors the counter-cultural tradition of tattooing and acknowledges its move into the mainstream. Electric Ink will launch mid-March and be available throughout the United Kingdom from Superdrug, selected tattoo and barber shops, as well as fashion retailers.


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