Wood Carvings by Dennis McNett

Don’t you love when you’re not ready for the impact of an artwork and suddenly, you get punched in the jaw by surprise?!

Well, today it got me. It got me GOOD!

First of all, I love wood carving, pyrography and sculptures. I don’t really know why but I do. Maybe it has something to do with the basic element of wood or the smell. But anyway the thing I like even more is when an artist takes work that is commonly seen and takes it up a notch. For example with painting.

Meet the Philadelphia-based artist Dennis McNett, he who creates incredible artworks out of wood. At first, I couldn’t believe it was wood carving, it looked like graffiti or an illustration for a tattoo. It had so much depth and I couldn’t understand why but THEN, Dennis showcased the in-progress work and DAMN I was hooked. And today people you will be too. Check this out.

art-dennis-mcnett-01 art-dennis-mcnett-03 art-dennis-mcnett-04 art-dennis-mcnett-05 art-dennis-mcnett-06 art-dennis-mcnett-07 art-dennis-mcnett-08 art-dennis-mcnett-09 art-dennis-mcnett-10 art-dennis-mcnett-11 art-dennis-mcnett-12



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