Generator by Arman Nobari and Anthony Gibson

Well, hello to you too.

Let’s kick this week with a funny little tool for my fellow coworkers and designers. I came across this webpage a while ago and have been experimenting with it and let me tell you what I think of it and why it’s featured here.

It’s called and what it does is providing you a challenge to help your creativity and to think more outside the box. “Outside the box” is an expression that is losing it’s meaning for me because if you don’t think outside the box you can never be truly original so thinking outside the box is pretty normal in our profession.

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So, to the point. This tool generates a random challenge every time you use it and you have 20,757 possibilities, so running into the same problem twice will be very uncommon and even if you manage that I advise solving the challenge either way because you will come up with different ideas again. For me, it boosts my creativity and when I don’t have anything to do occupies me. I recommend this tool even more for design students, they can even make a cool portfolio out of some of these. Imagine that.

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