Bouquets & Butterflies by Ann Carrington

I like how sometimes you strive to look for good work to be featured here and all of the sudden good work comes to you. Today’s post is about British artist Ann Carrington, who creates mind-blowing sculptural bouquets using hundreds of spoons, knives, and forks.

My first thought, I must confess, was “Well in Portugal, Joana Vasconcelos, has a lot of work similar.”. I know I’m a douche. But looking into the artist gallery I became emerged and I couldn’t keep away. Her work is really good. Not only this project but all the exhibitions and series are really captivating. It’s so realistic you have to take a second look to see what they are made of.


1-installation-1024x683 art-carrington-01 art-carrington-02 art-carrington-04 art-carrington-05 art-carrington-06

“Clumping spoons together she is able to recreate the shapes of roses and tulips, some appearing so realistic you wonder if they are organic flowers dipped in a layer of silver.”

art-carrington-07 art-carrington-08 art-carrington-09 art-carrington-10

My last thought though was… enlightening.

“Does must be really heavy!”


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