Movies R Fun! by Josh Cooley

Movies R Fun! is a children’s book that may not be the best gift for a child.

The hilariously inappropriate book is the work of Pixar artist Josh Cooley. He picked some of his favorite R-Rated movie scenes from contemporary classics like Alien, Fargo and The Shining, and reimagined them as illustrations you would find in a kid’s book. It is not surprising that these images are very well done since they come from a storyboard artist of Pixar.

One more book to add to my watchlist. You want to know my favorite one?!

“Me so horny!” “Me love you long time!”

1 2 5 2001 a-clockwork-orange alien apocalypse-now bluesbros_non_watermarked diehard_watermarked2 donniedarko_watermarked drive_watermarked fargo_watermarked fightclub_web full-metal-jacket goodfellas jaws_watermarked

Every iconic R-rated scene is accompanied by playful illustrations and easy to read captions. You can find this fun book on Amazon.

leon-the-professional nocount_watermarked3 panslab_watermarked predator_watermarked psycho_non_watermarked roadwarrior_watermarked rosemarys-baby seven the-big-lebowski the-big-lebowski-2 the-graduate the-jerk the-shining the-silence-of-the-lambs the-terminator-2



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