Pantone IRL – Pantone Matching

For those who love Pantone, like me and for those who don’t care.

For those who collect merch from Pantone or those who simply have boring houses (kidding).

This post is about….. you guessed it.


They already revealed the color for 2017. That so cool Greenery.


But that’s not news. That’s the past. Everybody already knows that.

Well I follow Pantone at close watch and I happen to stumble upon an awesome thing. Something you lovely people might find as awesome as I.

Confession time.

I’m addicted to candy. Gummy bears around me don’t last much.  But what does that have to do with Pantone?! Well… Pantone IRL Instagram has been matching Pantone’s with candy. And oh my… They look good.

I challenge everybody to scroll their page and not drool.

Here are my favorites. I hope they keep matching these. Like, forever.

You’re welcome, people.

| 17-1456 | The ring Ref. Lutti . . . . . . . #pantone #pantonegram #pantoneirl #pantone2017 #pantoneproject

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