Gastaloops by Nicola Gastaldi

“Gastaloops” is a fantastic self-initiated project by London-based motion graphics designer Nicola Gastaldi. This guy  challenged himself to create one looping animated gif every day for 100 days. The project has been shortlisted for the Creative Pool Annual Awards and you can vote for him here.

I’m in love with the simple set of colors and the motion in every loop. They look sometimes random but if you stare long enough you see the detail Nicola put in there. This is one of the projects I will keep an eye out for. Adding it to the list.


motion-gastaloops-01 motion-gastaloops-02 motion-gastaloops-04 motion-gastaloops-05 motion-gastaloops-06 motion-gastaloops-07 motion-gastaloops-08 motion-gastaloops-09 motion-gastaloops-10 motion-gastaloops-feature


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