Johnnie Walker by Pawel Nolbert

Hello people of the world.

For start lets say I am more of a Jack Daniel’s kind of guy. I love the classic looks. The texas feel. But the other day we went for groceries and I passed by an exemplar of Johnnie Walker that made me look twice. It happens to be a limited edition of Johnnie Walker’s Black Label illustrated by the very talented Pawel Nolbert.

Somehow I looked and I instantly recognized Nolbert style. And let me tell you, this guy has an amazing portfolio. I love all his artwork and all the mediums that he ever used on his projects. It’s like a trademark.

Nolbert was kind enough with the curious ones like me that wanted to know how was his process behind this project. He published it via Behance and you can check it out LATER!

Approached by Diageo/LOVE, his work was applied to multiple labels from Johnnie Walker but also for limited edition gift packs.

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