Creative Lettering by JustMad


I might be a little biased when it comes to Portuguese artists. We have a strong relationship with our country. I might be even more biased when the artists make amazing letterings and type art. So I have to stop and analyze.

“Is this just impressive to me or it’s world quality content?!”

And today the answer is…


This is an impressive lettering work by the graphic designer and art director Simon Almeida, aka JustMad. And it’s not even his best work. Check his web page for more.

typography-justmad-01 typography-justmad-02 typography-justmad-03 typography-justmad-04 typography-justmad-05 typography-justmad-06 typography-justmad-07 typography-justmad-08 typography-justmad-09 typography-justmad-10 typography-justmad-11 typography-justmad-13 typography-justmad-14 typography-justmad-feature


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