Chocolate Dreams Photograpy by Yaroslav Danylchenko

Who’s hungry?!

GOD ALMIGHTY. THIS IS A SIIIIINNNNN!!!! My mouth, my brain, my body, MY SOUL wants it!!!

Breath people. Breath. I know this is a place for healing. A Zen garden. A futuristic spaceship where you touch a screen and you are totally cured. But what else is more warm to the soul than chocolate!? I mean come on! You are allowed to this at least once a week.

But it gets dangerous when chocolate is turned into art and even more when a really skillful photographer portraits it.

Ukrainian photographer Yaroslav Danylchenko captured these mouth-watering images for Inessa Binazon, a local chocolaterie.


(please make sure you are covering your smartphone or your keyboard with something.

It might get a little drooled on while viewing these!)

photography-chocolaterie-01 photography-chocolaterie-02 photography-chocolaterie-03 photography-chocolaterie-04 photography-chocolaterie-05 photography-chocolaterie-06 photography-chocolaterie-07

“It was a real pleasure to work with these candies, and our main goal was to show how they are beautiful and tasty. First of all, we decided to shoot them in macro mode to show various textures of fillings and after we shot a few images with compositions. It was delicious playing with light, texture and shape.”Yaroslav Danylchenko

photography-chocolaterie-08 photography-chocolaterie-09 photography-chocolaterie-10 photography-chocolaterie-11 photography-chocolaterie-13 photography-chocolaterie-14 photography-chocolaterie-feature


Food styling: Olga Drach
Postproduction: Andrey Cherlat & Yaroslav Danylchenko


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