Fusion Frames by Darryl Cox

Writing for this blog is a joy. I confess. The more I write the more I enjoy the search and selection process. But the thing I like the most is being surprised and, my view or opinion on something being changed by somebody’s work.

Until today I always thought that frames couldn’t be duller. And never in my mind, I would think of putting a frame in my house just for the sole purpose of decoration.

Today that changed thanks to artist Darryl Cox. Darryl fuses ornate vintage picture frames with tree branches found in the forests of central Oregon. The branches serve as a simple reminder of the materials used to build picture frames, but also create an unusual form factor where clean lines and ornate molding patterns seem to naturally traverse the bark of each tree limb. Each piece involves many hours of woodworking, sculpting, and painting.
december-1aether-2 frame-1 frame-2 frame-4 frame-5 frame-6 frame-7 frame-8 frame-9 frame-10 gaia-2 hope1 kell-1 leif-2 leif-4 sprague1 wiley-4


Now tell me, dear reader, would you ever think of a frame as something this cool?! I for sure didn’t.

You can explore many more pieces by Cox on his website, on Facebook, and in his online shop.



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