Art History in Contemporary Life by Alexey Kondakov

I love it when someone starts a small project, something to distract their minds, or maybe just something to occupy the time and then it turns into a thing on itself.

Today’s project is a prospect of such a thing. Alexey Kondako started a while back a series called “Art History in Contemporary Life” where he would make collages of classical paintings over a modern, to date, photography.

For his latest works in the ongoing series Art History in Contemporary Life, Ukrainian, this artist and designer, has staged classical paintings in scenes from modern-day Naples, Italy. The figures effortless merge with their present day surroundings, two women looking perfectly bored flipping through comic books in the back of a dusty bookstore, while a different woman takes a nap beside a latte and half-eaten sandwich. You can view the whole series on his Instagram and Facebook page and by the by you can also check his portfólio.

Take care people.

alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-01 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-02 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-03 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-04 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-05 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-06 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-07 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-08 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-09 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-010 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-011 alexey-kondakov-napoli-designboom-012 painting-2


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