The Typography Idea Book

February already started and my list grown once more. Seriously I probably have more books to buy than those I already have. And I miss buying books, and read, I need to spend more time doing these things.

Today lets get a book about growing also. Not only my list but as an artist. As a lover for type. As a better graphic designer.

The Typography Idea Book presents 50 of the most inspiring approaches used by masters of the field from across the world in creating great artwork. Their most known and recognizable works.

Geared towards helping you evolve different typographic styles, the book contains none of the technical jargon or tired old rules found in traditional tutorials but is packed with practical techniques and iconic examples. From type transformation to abstraction, via overlapping, hand-lettering, vectorising, novelty typefaces and puns, discover all the brilliant ideas you could be bringing to your own designs.


Published by Laurence King, you can buy here The Typography Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters.

Get yours and start making things up beautiful people.

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