Le Grand Musée du Parfum by Projectiles

A museum for fragrances isn’t my early idea of fun I confess. Being a museum addict I rather go to an interactive show or photography exhibition or something like that. My favorites are science and nature museums. But searching deeply about this one made me realize, this probably would be a really cool experience. Probably a headache inducing one but cool none the less. A one in a lifetime lets say.

Closed for 4 years, Le Grand Musée du Parfum has reopened on last December in Paris. Architecture firm Projectiles was in charge of the architecture and the scenography on this fun project. The museum introduces now various olfactive interactions spread on three levels. It’s totally renovated and has plans to showcase other artists work but the permanent exhibition, I think, takes the prize. Just by these images you can see it’s an out of parameters parfum exhibition.

grand-musee-du-parfum-08 grand-musee-du-parfum-07 grand-musee-du-parfum-10 grand-musee-du-parfum-11 grand-musee-du-parfum-09 grand-musee-du-parfum-12

Several guest artists have been commissioned to realize specific installations, contributing to the cutting-edge museography: ‘Blossom’, a shrub dedicated to rose fragrance by Violette Houot, ‘Scents Garden’ from Projectiles, where presence detector process is used, digital ‘Perfumer’s Organ’ by Jason Bruges and elegant hanging ‘Scent drops’ by Harvey & John. All these innovative experiences immerse the viewer into a futuristic atmosphere for a total sensory journey.

grand-musee-du-parfum-13 grand-musee-du-parfum-06 grand-musee-du-parfum-05 grand-musee-du-parfum-02 grand-musee-du-parfum-03 grand-musee-du-parfum-04

Pretty cool I must say. Scheduled, new trip to PARIS.


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