‘Landscape Multiple’ and ‘Tracing’ by Caroline Slotte

Ok ok ok. I must start this post by saying I AM an educated person. By this I mean I don’t curse very much. Really. You may casually see a “Damn” or something like that in here but that’s it…

So by saying I pretty much said “OH F**K” out loud, when I saw this work is already a statement that this is a GOD DAMN GOOD F***ING WORK (pardon my french).

Caroline Slotte is a ceramist based in Helsinki, Finland. She is a master in her trade. And the proof of that is in this post we not only have one but TWO series from her.

One of the most striking work is titled ‘Landscape Multiple’. It’s a series where she overlaid plates where landscapes or life scenes are embedded inside, with all the finesse of Auguste Renoir impressionist paintings. A collage of some sort. It reminds me of a work we used to do when taking my degree where you would take a couple of pictures and by cutting the major silhouettes of each of them and staking it would give you a much more composed picture.

This is ‘kinda the same thing but with… well… ceramic plates… I must say the execution is absolutely brilliant

caroline-slotte-01 caroline-slotte-02 caroline-slotte-03 caroline-slotte-04 caroline-slotte-07 caroline-slotte-08 caroline-slotte-05 caroline-slotte-06

And as if one series is not enough where is another one. I chose to feature two series in here because her work is simply astonishing. This is an artist who really surprised me and her portfolio became a reference for me.

In ‘Tracing’ series, she used masking and sandblasting process, working layer by layer for a very precise result, close to engraving or imprint. She cuts, carves and sands ceramic plates to give them a second life. Thus, she questions about object value while telling silent stories through the depth of her artworks.

caroline-slotte-09 caroline-slotte-10 caroline-slotte-11


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