Animated Photographs by Romain Laurent

I like weird stuff. It’s a confession. Even more when that weird stuff makes me laugh.

So it’s obvious when I see something in that parameters I must post it here. After all I’m trying to make you better. Healthier. A hard task I know but someone ‘gotta do it. And i know just what makes you fell okey dokey!!

Romein Laurent is a french photographer and director based in NY. She does about anything but a getaway from the daily routine is THIS project.

“One loop portrait a week”

She said. And one portrait a week it is. I’m making a selection and placing it here but feel free to go Here to check more. She has a lot of stuff in case you still feel sick.

animated-photo-romain-laurent-01 animated-photo-romain-laurent-02 animated-photo-romain-laurent-03 animated-photo-romain-laurent-04 animated-photo-romain-laurent-06 animated-photo-romain-laurent-07 animated-photo-romain-laurent-08 motion-laurent-01 motion-laurent-02 motion-laurent-03 motion-laurent-04 motion-laurent-05 motion-laurent-06 motion-laurent-07 motion-laurent-08 motion-laurent-09 motion-laurent-10 motion-laurent-11 motion-laurent-12


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