Creative Character Design by Furry Puppet Studio

This… is unusual… But what the hell I like it.

And really is a subject I didn’t give too much attention. Well… I confess I though puppetry was dead… But I have an explanation. Really. I don’t watch TV. None. And cartoons or other stuff with puppets wouldn’t be my major subject while watching TV. But I’m glad I’m wrong and get to see even puppetry is evolving. Thanks to this awesome people.

Furry Puppet is a creative studio based in Brooklyn that takes the traditional skills and fundamentals of classic puppet building to a whole new level. And I’m very pleased to say DAAAMMMNNN they look really good.

They have revamped puppets and animated characters for the as they say:

“New era of HD and the ever changing styles and fashions of the industry”

Check these out.

art-furry-puppet-08 art-furry-puppet-07 art-furry-puppet-06 art-furry-puppet-05 art-furry-puppet-04 art-furry-puppet-09 art-furry-puppet-10 art-furry-puppet-13 art-furry-puppet-12 art-furry-puppet-11 art-furry-puppet-14 art-furry-puppet-01 art-furry-puppet-feature art-furry-puppet-02


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