The Apology Post

Right from the back this post is going to be a little different.

I’m here to apologize officially to my readers, viewers, likers, commentators, sharers and most of all to thank you.

Apologize because when I started this blog it was a place of contemplation, a place were you, dear viewer could come and relax and take a medicinal shot of good content. DAILY. That was a really important part. Every week day I would compromise and post something for your “health”. Turns out in the few months this blog is online I already failed that mission. And for that I’m sorry. This past week I posted nothing and you must feel really sick right now. The “health” of my readers was declining at an alarming rate and I couldn’t do nothing about it. But that changed.

First, an explanation from this heretic.

I couldn’t post because of my stupid, morons, retarded, sons of a whale internet providers cut my connection to internet. FOR A HOLE WEEK!!! Can you imagine!? By the end of this week I had a fire pit in my room, played with shadows on the wall and sang little songs for them. I felt lunatic, like a cave man. All I wanted was to leave the house and hunt deers and wild cats while hanging from a tree and shouting to my tribe!!!

My problem is fixed (lets see for how long…) and now I can post. I should be ready for a situation like this… Like writing something and putting it on queue for emergencies put I like to post recent stuff and that wouldn’t work. So if this ever happens again I will be on the news for murdering an entire agency of communications. Hey, would be famous at last.

Now, for a Thank you note.

As soon as my internet connection was established I came to my dashboard feeling ‘kinda depressed because I was expecting my views, visitors and likes stats to be on a really round number. 0. But it wasn’t. You beautiful people kept coming, expecting a new post. EVERY DAY. And seeing the numbers of this blog at the normal rates as if I posted something for a hole week when a couldn’t post makes my heart skip a beat. It  warm my soul and gave me the notion that you people, on the other side, really care about this. And I couldn’t be more happier about it. So THANK YOU. VERY MUCH. You just made my year.

Finally, a promise.

As of today, and trying to make up for the lost days, I will be posting 2 new posts every day!!! Until your “health” is on track again I will not rest. I will not fail. I will make you feel good again. I promise. For 10 days you can expect to see 2 new posts with awesome content for your entertainment.

Once again, Thank you all for keeping coming. It means a lot.

Take care beautiful people.


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