Benoit Jammes – Cassette Tape Art

Well hello again my fellow readers. I’m hungry for some writing. I missed this. Putting my gibberish in random text form, for some of my followers to read and see that, my mind is not quite working as it should. Nor’ yours should.

This is a fun one. To heal your mind you need a new kind of art. A new vision on something old probably. A fun idea with infinite possibilities. Something that you know is out of the box thinking.

Today a present you Benoit Jammes. A creative, hands on, original French artist. He is based ‘kinda’ in Paris as he puts it and he has a really cool portfolio. Something you should always see in order to evaluate if it was one in a lifetime or if the guy is really good. And let me tell you, this guy is really good. But I’ll let you judge by yourself. Here.

You can thank me later.

Now. About this work. Simply put by him:

“Resurrection and transformation of nostalgia, giving a second life to an ancestor who becomes a collector.
It used to be sound. It is now visual.”

So scroll to these images and see how accurate is premise is. FYI if you want, he also has photo prints and silkscreens available, signed and numbered for you to purchase.

880x0_p18loir3v3t7hmkf6ea1p691fdp6 880x0_p18loir3v4r2t1ogjkua14j160fd 880x0_p18loir3v4rkj1i6c3s11nmt23ga 880x0_p18loir3v5b02t682re1tpt1otcg 880x0_p18loir3v5eou1n6u16fq1qqef6tl 880x0_p18loir3v5mi0h1f1tvo5qrmsvi 880x0_p18loir3v5ongg6gmj5175o10nck 880x0_p18loir3v6hu9ukn1bss1s291gnvo 880x0_p18loir3v31ea3gta1v8h1t5e11eu7 880x0_p18loir3v31nmt66612p9puh1equ5 880x0_p18loir3v41thar9obmr173e70uc 880x0_p18loir3v43qm1kvsem2j4t18mue 880x0_p18loir3v51lm1hod1gme1et1egdj 880x0_p18loir3v69fvl7u1c6lsm79omp 880x0_p18loir3v315a59fj1rtheo6igr3 880x0_p18loir3v318dga2p9ee102eign4 880x0_p18loir3v413kl1kh71o784f1qvn9 880x0_p18loir3v413qm15i918004a81c748 880x0_p18loir3v4104j1hjd1lc6143q1ju2b 880x0_p18loir3v4196qob41k6r1up11k0sf 880x0_p18loir3v5113r1ljmq861u3i9erh 880x0_p19qj96hduq5l1b7m1u7f1hll9213 880x0_p19qj96hdv1lo6m7q682oqm10234 880x0_p19qj96he012gt1c1c9qkl7uvm5 880x0_p1951ud6ice7cnep5bp1j03rrv3


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