Brand Mix by Mike Stefanini

I sense some disturbance in design…

Someone is making some crazy amazing designs. I am sure of it.

Mike Stefanini applied popular brand logos to completely unrelated consumer products. Although ratter simple the illustrations are quite impressive. Makes you wonder “What if?!”.

“Almost inadvertently I had approached the design of a Coca Cola can with the Nike logo … I found it nicely subversive, so I decided to apply this principle to other consumer products …” says Mike.

The color choices and the grain applied to the illustrations give them a almost vintage feeling. I love this kind of thing.

Check this out.

ajax-starbucks beer-tide burguer-malboro can-nutella cocacola-nike luckystryke-campbells milk-shell nutella-mcdonalds persil-pepsi pills-netflix spray-ketchup toothpaste-adidas

For more work from him go here. This guy has a really cool portfolio as well.


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