Giulio Rossi’s Digital Paintings

“My passion is ART, ever since I was a child, I was attracted to this field. I’m a self-taught artist EXPLORING different techniques from acrylic paintings to ink and chalks drawings. Recently I started drawing with a digitizing tablet and I discoverd a whole world to express my CREATIVITY and to improve my artistic skills.”

How about that ladies and gentleman?! Here’s to a great premise for making great digital art.

gr06 gr09 gr04 gr03

What, you beautiful people, are gazing upon are Giulio Rossi digital paintings. Yes I said paintings. Giulio Rossi is an Italian self-taught artist with a pretty striking style.  From sexy female characters to a cute sailor dog and more, his artworks are filled with creativity. The bold colors, lines and intricate details will certainly get your attention. The expression of Giulio’s characters, specially the eyes, will tell you a whole background story. Take a look.

gr01 gr02 gr05 gr11 gr12

Giulio explored different techniques before diving deeper into digital paintings. But after getting into the digital artwork scene and discovering a new way to express his creativity he was hooked. And the result as you can see here is amazing.  Enjoy!

gr15 gr14 gr13 gr08 gr07


Make shure to visit his page here and to follow him on the socials people.

Take care!


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