The iconic Nintendo experience redesigned

Seattle-based designers Scott Schenone and Spencer Davis explore the nostalgia of Nintendo’s golden era with this incredible new concept.

They made the controlers more slick, all the same color for a continum trough out the era, a little more modern and with a lot more style.

I neeeeeed theeeemmmm.

Send this to Nintendo and make the produce this.

By the way the new Switch looks awesome. Props for the inovative idea.

design-nintendo-02 design-nintendo-04 design-nintendo-feature design-nintendo-05 design-nintendo-06 design-nintendo-07 design-nintendo-10 design-nintendo-08 design-nintendo-09 design-nintendo-03

“We saw an opportunity to redesign the old Nintendo gaming experiences focusing less on the console and more on the games and controllers.

We cleaned up the designs of the original controllers, simplifying the forms, snapping to a grid, and unifying the CMF. These precious objects are more than tools, they are trophies that represent eras in gaming.

There are no cartridges, no blowing out dust, no reset buttons. Every game is stored online and accessed through the controller. All you need is an HDMI hookup.”


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