Michał Kulesza’s Lego Daily Project

LEGO offers so many possibilities, but could you set yourself the challenge of creating something quirky and interesting every single day for nearly five months? That’s exactly what Michał Kulesza decided to do with his LEGO photo project.

The Polish creative wanted to recreate simple everyday objects using LEGO and then photograph them in a minimalist setting. Taking inspiration from a whole host of objects and daily activities, his series includes everything from yellow LEGO pieces acting as grated cheese to red bricks depicting jam inside a juicy doughnut.

Michał explains: “In this way, I created different grotesque or even absurd daily situations. I took photos in minimal composition and every time I showed new ideas. In my work I just wanted to make people smile.”

Lasting for approximately 135 days, the project has now developed to include Michał dressing as a LEGO man, and photographing himself in various scenes with amusing results. To see more of what he’s up to, follow him on Behance or visit his website at trzyzmiany.com.

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