Kurt McGhee – 1462 Days Of Trump

Howdy stranger!

For starters lets just say Happy New Year to everyone. Vacations are over and this blog is now active again.

Lets start with a bang “Shall We?!”.

“No matter your opinion of Donald Trump, he is set to sit in office for the next 4 years. It may not seem that long until you see that amount of time in days, 1462 to be exact. No matter who it is, a lot can go wrong in 1462 days.” 

This is the premise of Kurt McGhee for creating a “magic” calendar.


trumpnumb img_0037c 161217_trump_calendar8-01split trump_scrollb

I love guerrilla projects. The pure and raw emotion that, some designer or artist who creates a project like this, wants to convey is amazing. And it amuses me. I got nothing against Trump. Couldn’t care less… But this project is very very aluring.

The calendar runs from January 20th, 2017-January 20th, 2021, all of the days Trump will hold office. The poster is available for purchase in here.

holidaytumps2-01 img_0136 img_0144

“I wanted to create this poster to remind people daily that he’s in control and to also give them a minimal therapy session as they mark off each day that passes.

After speaking with friends and family I found that Trump supporters view the poster in a positive light, for them it is a symbol of pride and celebration. As I attempt to write about the project in an unbiased manner I realize that no one is going to throw in the towel and as I wake up in the coming mornings I will be reminded of greatness and failure and be driven to use my freedom to inspire the change I wish to see in our world. “

img_0095 img_0129 img_0055 img_0057 trumpquote


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