Paper Olympics by Raya Sader Bujana

We have been featuring many paper art works here on Good for the Brain. I don’t really know why. It’s not on purpose. Maybe it’s a trend right now?!

This project was featured on Behance Year Review, a project on itself worthy being featured here but why not combine both?! Hum?! Check that link to a really cool review and for me the most interesting part is in the “Theme” section. Really cool.

On the matter of this post featured work:

Working in collaboration with photographer Leo García Méndez, Spanish artist Raya Sader Bujana crafted this cool series of olympic athlete figures using layers of paper.

Mesmerise in “Aw” passing trough these really awesome sculptures.

“Each figure is cut from up to 150 pieces of paper joined by hundreds of tiny 3mm separators to create the delicate layering effect.”

9998a645008969-5824a5789516c 74501445008969-5824a5788e808 d4eb6545008969-5824a5788ce86 40c72945008969-5824a5788b036 8a46ea45008969-5824a5788bef9 88ac7245008969-5824a5788c54f 5ec09345008969-5824a5788b6d7 cc622245008969-5824a57894591 b1550045008969-5824a57894a82 1c8be845008969-5824a5788d390 b3c2e945008969-5824a5788dbf7 464ec045008969-5824a57893611 166e0b45008969-5824a57893b86 0d68bb45008969-5824a57888504 522cf745008969-5824a5788aabc e4e65545008969-5824a5789742c 42aac045008969-5824a57889c56 a7ecc945008969-5824a5788a29b f5df1845008969-5824a57894077 56a9a745008969-5824a57888dbf 326c7545008969-5824a578895e7 08e00b45008969-5824a578956ba 37fd7445008969-5824a5789694b 9fab0b45008969-5824a57896f0f 8ecce745008969-5824a57892b14 44fc3845008969-5824a5789312d 54acae45008969-5824a57895ed7 ce3cdf45008969-5824a57896417


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