Impact 1.0 & 2.0

I can’t get enough of books. The only problem… THE MONEY TO BUY THEM!!!

God… my list keeps getting bigger and bigger. The more I search the internet for good works the more books I discover. And more problematic even is that I like them all. Today I present to you, my loyal people, this pair.

Unit Editions have just released a two-volume survey of the front covers of design magazines, journals and periodicals – 1.0 (Unit 27) covering 1922–73, and 2.0 (Unit 28) covering 1974–2016. Spread over 768pp it offers ‘a helicopter view of graphic design trends and stylistics backflips’. Starting in 1922, and coming up to date in 2016, it’s a homage to the great design publications of the past (nearly) 100 years. In these two new books you will find the covers of design magazines, journals and periodicals of all kinds. They come from many countries – including Japan, India, Russia, Switzerland, USA and Iran, and they cover many topics – graphic design, typography, architecture, interiors, print, theory and history. But above all, they are brilliant specimens of innovative visual design.

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