Panos Tsagaris – Let the sun protest


In the last days, events here in europe have been a little unsettling. A lot is going on. And the pressure in social culture is starting to get overwhelming. When you though 2016 couldn’t get worst it surprises you in a bad way again.

It’s very important to register these days, these events. Even though it’s the worst subject to be photographed or illustrated, we have to do it so the past isn’t lost and the future can remember and possibly learn from this.

All this leads to the media propagating even more fear and mistrust in our neighbors, their covers portrait mass murderers, assassinations, bombs, destroyed buildings… You go to a magazine stand and you’ll be shocked within seconds just glazing to newspapers and magazines covers.

But there are some artists that take this and take it to the next level.

Panos Tsagaris , lives and works in New York and Los Angeles and launched on an exhibition the cover series of New York Times.

Tsagaris, sublimates the old covers of the New York Times by isolating the photograph by covering the columns of text with gold leaf strips.

It highlights the photographs illustrating the first page of the famous newspaper. By using the date, the observer can thus understand what event it is.

It feels almost as censorship but the intention is quite the opposite. The observer “reads” more the image. Connects more with the subject portrayed and the event.

goldnewyorktimes1 goldnewyorktimes2-900x1598 goldnewyorktimes3-900x1458 goldnewyorktimes4-900x1451 goldnewyorktimes6-900x1543 tumblr_ohgzudpqt91rkaha2o1_1280

My thought is, in these days we could put a little more though in cover choices. After all, those are “human generated” events and real humans were affected by them. Making a photograph is very important but placing it on the front page should not be the intention of taking it.


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