Atlético de Madrid Redesign by Vasava

Almost a year ago, Manchester City unveiled the new team shield (sorry for the brazilian webpage). The team fans reactions where very positive since the redesign was conducted with a research among fans, executives, partners and football players.

Atlético de Madrid is in no such luck. Last week they unveiled their new redesign made by the spanish design studio Vasava.

Their bet was on simplification, as it is with every redesign nowadays, they felt outdated because every other team made a recent redesign and in the era of simple things and “made for the web” and television their image wasn’t the best.


Since Atlético is making a new stadium and all, they felt the urge to modernize their looks. The basic structure was kept but the elements where re-aligned, with smoother curves and bigger lines. The extra colors dropped and the main ones gained center stage. Blue, Red and White.

The “clipart” look-alike bear and tree (the symbol of the city of Madrid) was stylized and got bigger so it maintains a readability in smaller sizes of the shield.


Even with all these justifications and the released briefing, most fans rejected the new shield and got together in protests against Atlético. They even made a twitter trend hashtag #ElEscudoNoSeToca and a petition to keep the old shield.

For me I think Atlético de Madrid is following a trend. I’m not a football fan, I look a this as a designer. Every brand needs to follow the current times and other team already did it. It’s normal, nobody died, and since the new stadium is being made it is perfectly justified to make a new modern look for the shield. The valor isn’t lost and the new shield still represents the team very well.

The only problem I see is maybe some football fans are stuck with an outdated tattoo of their favorite club. But hey, everything changes with time.

Oh before I forget. Vasava is a great design studio. You already have their webpage. Here is their Behance.

You are welcome beautiful people.


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