Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Color Mixing installation

In celebration of NSK ltd.’s 100th anniversary, the exhibition ‘sense of motion’ has been hosted inside the commercial shopping mall of omotesando spiral in tokyo. architect emmanuelle moureaux has once again injected the space with her signature use of vibrant color for the installation ‘color mixing’.

emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-03-818x545 emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-04 emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-06

NSK ltd is one of japan’s most well known manufacturers of motors and automotive products, hence the exhibition’s theme of ‘setting the future in motion’. with this, emmanuelle moureaux‘s vision is realized with the use of technology to promote the movement of the spiral garden set in the center of the empty void space. 100 shades of colors in the form of flower motifs saturate the 6 meter atrium.

emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-07 emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-08 emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-09 emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-10 emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-11

At the center, visitors can be immersed amongst the 25,200 delicate flowers aligned in three dimensional grids. as well as being suspended from the ceiling, the flowers subtly rotate because of the NSK bearings and the windmills installed at the top and in turn, the installation produces a gradient of gradually changing color. by using bearings also for the axes of the flowers, visitors can reach out and turn the stalk to feel the spinning motion through color mixing. the scenographic element of the venue creates an artificial garden with the same flower motif used throughout and accentuating the sense of unity.

emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-13-818x383 emmanuelle-moureaux-color-mixing-designboom-818-818x600



Did you just drool?!

I did. This type of intervention and impact just mesmerizes me.

Trip to Tokyo with this in mind.




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