Throne Wars Mashups by Andrew Tran


I’m so jealous right now… “Sigh”

Dat was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and is currently residing in Aliso Viejo, California where he is pursuing his passion for the arts.

His work has been featured by Blizzard Entertainment, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, Kotaku, i09, Eurogamer, Geek & Sundry, Mashable, Hello Giggles, Dorkly, Nerdist, Machinima and more.

Today we look to one of the series he’s launching. A mashup between Star Wars and Game of Thrones. It’s perfect man. There is nothing you can’t love in here.

danny jai mel night tyrion arya-1

He’s also known online as Doctaword and these prints are also available for purchase and a Arya would look so awesome in my living room!!

Damn it why am I sooo poor!!

He has an Overwatch series that I’m a fan of too!! “Cries in a corner….”


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