Sara Zaher Provocative Artwork

It’s friggin’ scary when a set of morbid (maybe not) collages resume so well our current society. And some people don’t even recognise these issues, that’s what friggten me the most. The possibility of people out there being so brainwashed to the point where this is the “normal”. I ain’t doing that!!

This is Sara Zaher Provocative Artwork Series. A project as she says:


28 37

“Confusion breeds confusion.

Having been brought up in a turbulent environment, my work aims to tackle themes of identity within a fragile sociopolitical landscape.

Always striving to question my place within a cultural system that is both foreign and familiar.

This feeling of the uncanny, the uncomfortable, is projected in my relentless attempt to question, deconstruct, and reassemble existing social frameworks. This reconstruction usually takes the form of photography, video, and installation art.

But is always recreated from the mind’s eye of an eternally, cynical idealist.”

43 30 7 12 13 18 22 69 26


Follow more of her work on Intagram.


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