Designed by Apple in California

Ok ok ok… STOP!!

Do you ever had an uncle that goes hunting and you though “What a cool guy!” and THEN he comes home with a bullet in the leg that he shot HIMSELF and you go “Oh god! Why!?” and this is your face?!


The look of pure disapointment!!

I was never a fan of Apple. I know I know, how can this be if, I’m a designer, and they have all the cutting hedge technology and dedicated hardware and software and bla bla bla?! Well I don’t like apple products. I have an ipod nano from 2007 and that’s all. I always thought that all their products are overpriced and the fancy looks doesn’t compensate for the value I’m paying for an apple product.

Earlier this month Microsoft and Apple had an event each to launch new products. For you who doesn’t know Microsoft launched the new Surface Studio and killed the competition. The computer is a must have IF the hardware gets an upgrade. But the major talk in that week was the Apple event.

Everyone expected an overkill response from Apple, to the Surface Studio from Microsoft, and the response was… A touch bar on the macbook keyboard, a PRO name that doesn’t stand for Pro at all because the new macbooks doesn’t stand a chance when using professional creation and editing programs, and no ports or connectivity to the existing hardware you love AND use.

All the Apple fanatics or users where bummed out! What where they suppose to do now?! Buy a Surface Studio? “Upgrade” to the new Macbook and lose tons of advantages they already have?! Stop working?! This came as a full Hadouken to the chin of Apple. They did not expect this at all.


Apple goes and gives themselves another shot in the leg!!

THE NEW AND MARVELOUS….. APPLE BOOK! (Remember Dr. Who above?)

I… I… I… I have nothing to say, pretty much… just, what the hell are they doing?! Committing suicide by bankruptcy?!

THE HELL MAN?! 300$ for a BOOK of Apple PRODUCTS?

designed-by-apple-in-california-1 designed-by-apple-in-california-2 designed-by-apple-in-california-4 designed-by-apple-in-california-5

Go to a corner and think about what you did!!


I am amazed they didn’t charge me for these images!! (Although they came compressed individually AND with a legal notice! How tough full.)

Look at how they promote their new book!!

Well you deserve what is to come. Disgrace for you, and your family and your DOG.

Thankfully the internet never fails me and I have something to laugh at.


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