Philippe Echaroux’s World first Street Art in the Rainforest

Philippe Echaroux is a French photographer from Marseille born in 1983. In his earlier life prior to becoming a professional photographer, Philippe worked as a social worker in his hometown of Marseille. In the summer of 2008, he discovers the excitement of taking pictures and already the following year, Philippe wins the Dior International Photography Award. Today Philippe is well known for his “less than one minute” portraits of celebrities from all over the world and he is considered one of the youngest masters of this craft. He has worked on various marketing campaigns for clients such as Samsung, Adidas and FIAT.


Beside his career as a photographer,  Philippe has created the “Street Art 2.0” project, a street art based on light projections. The nature of this type of street art is ephemeral and never leaves any traces of his appearance. This new way of doing street art performance has put Philippe in front of the Street Art scene, and has led him to be invited to perform his art in several different countries. «  When you’re a Photographer, you catch the light everyday. It seemed important to me to find a way to give it back. Giving it back in a way where you can almost touch it ! » says Philippe.

And that lead us to this particulary project. World’s first street art in the rainforest.

Follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo.


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