CJ Hendry Solo Show

Since I started writing for this blog (NEWS NEWS NEWS FLASH I now write for another blog) I have discovered so many new artists ant talents. Today I discovered one that is already a start artist!  CJ Hendry is a pop artist that is now part of my inspiration daily.

Australian artist CJ Hendry, known for her hyperrealistic pen on paper drawings and cult social media following, will present her latest exhibition, The Trophy Room on November 3, 2016 at 79 Greene Street, New York. This exhibition will be her first in New York City.


The Trophy Room is a lesson in icon worship, elevating the easily­ recognizable and highly ­coveted consumerist goods that bring us joy. A self confessed brand coveter, CJ Hendry places her meticulously­ drawn renderings of brand ­name objects on literal pedestals, where they are represented as trophies and presented to viewers as items of worship – a sign of the increasing prominence of today’s cult of consumerism. Continuing the tradition of pure Pop Art style, these icons are bestowed the charm and prestige of Fine Art.

cj-hendry-ny-opening-trendland cj-hendry-ny-opening-trendland-1


Inspired by architecture and advertising, Hendry’s fascination oscillates around marketing strategies and brand recognition. In a world where the constant barrage of social media influences informs our every purchase and lifestyle choice, Hendry chooses to both scrutinize and idolize these status symbols. These iconographic objects dictate a fetishism that draws on the accoutrements of naivety and youth under the guise of fashion, the unattainable masquerade of social media perfectionism, and brand marketing and product placement.


Hendry first exploded into the international art scene after presenting Kanye West with a work entitled “Kash Kurrency,” a drawing of West’s face on a crumpled $100­dollar bill. Since then, Hendry has continued to create works centered around luxury goods including crumpled Gucci and Louis Vuitton bag and the notable “50 Foods in 50 Days” series where she portrays singular foods on Hermes plates.

cj-hendry-ny-show-2 cj-hendry-ny-show-9 cj-hendry-ny-show-8 cj-hendry-ny-show-7 cj-hendry-ny-show-6 cj-hendry-ny-show-5 cj-hendry-ny-show-4 cj-hendry-ny-show-3



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