Mike Voropaev – Sleepformer Branding

We’ve talked about how great concepts with the right branding can work really well together. It’s all part of the image you are projecting to your users and what is the reflection of your goals vs what is the purpose of your brand. There’s many great products out there but there are unlikely known because of the poor branding.

That is not the case of the work of Mike Voropaev who is a graphic designer based in Brno, Czech Republic. He was part of the branding work for Sleepformer, a collection of sofas with the concept of a full mattress for a comfortable and healthy sleep. He worked on the visual identity, guidelines and UI/UX.

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  • Art direction, graphic design, UI/UX, animation — Mike Voropaev
  • Photo — OutboxPhoto, MZ5 group, public domain

More information via http://mikevrpv.com.


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