Mat Szulik – Poliwood World

What a nifty idea!! I love personal projects. This one just lets you in AAAAWWWW!

The polywood is a project by Mat Szulik, an Art director / Illustrator / 3D artist and freelance.

He tried exploring low polygon style illustrations with a toy design approach. His polygon style is a constant presence trough out is hole portfolio. I love the Wires V2 project too.

Check his Behance for more and enjoy the Polywood World!

587ab436167375-573cd697a53d6 dc9f4d36167375-573debd53915c 231fb336167375-573f06598a5da ac518036167375-57520ece0a3d4 dd46fe36167375-57430179b62a8 2efc7336167375-57563a330d8f2 35f91936167375-57563a330de34 efb26336167375-573cd697a4b18 aa73b936167375-573f0659897ee 9a999236167375-57563c10bac37 6f1b7736167375-57563c10bb17f

You can follow his work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!


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