All Creative Project



As with all things creative, inspiration is key! An essential part of every project is his foundation and the nuances and details based on previous work, based on experiences!

Today we are talking about All Creative Project. I found out this week about this project and already I saw almost every movie they produced! From the writers to the designers to the videomakers! I love them all.

More information for you lovely people!

This is a personal project by Paul Brazier,  one of the most respected british designers. As he puts – “AllCreative has a simple ambition. To reveal every creative job in the form of a short film that will inspire people a step closer to their chosen career.”

The webpage was made by Campbell Hay, another great designer, you shoud check his work too.” I realised, up and down the country, there were many fellow professional creative people all doing similar talks on their chosen fields.

Then the idea struck me, why not house all of these talks into one website. Short films would broaden their reach and also give valuable context of seeing these professional creatives in their working environment.”

The movies are very well produced, the interviews are super interesting and it’s fun to see how some creatives turn the page around, how they achieved what they achieved. You can get all sorts of inspiration, even from cooking chefs.

I strongly advise to get check this webpage and scroll and view some movies. Come thank me later and give a like on this post.

If you wih you can follow this project on Instagram and Twitter.

As always, you’re welcome people.


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